The Global Compact Network Portugal and Macedo Vitorino & Associados organized within the 10th Edition of the Social Responsibility Week® a meeting about «Ethics in Organizations», which took place in the auditorium of Macedo Vitorino & Associados on the 28th of May.


Macedo Vitorino & Associates organizes conference «Why Portugal 2015: The Case for Investing in Portugal» to mark the launch of its 'Why Portugal 2015" report, which reviews the main indicators and competitive advantages of Portugal in attracting foreign capital.

If you wish to access the conference materials please contact Joana Sousa at jsousa@macedovitorino.com.


Macedo Vitorino & Associados participated last 9th of December 2013 in a Portuguese and Polish business seminar: "Expansion to new markets - Opportunities and Challenges", organized by the Embassy of Poland.
The business seminar focused on cooperation between Portuguese and Polish investments in entities in Portuguese speaking countries. João de Macedo Vitorino integrated the legal panel and stressed out the importance of local partnerships and legal support for investments in these markets.
This event was attended by Professor Bronislaw Misztal Ambassador of Poland, Artur Trindade Secretary of State for Energy, Monika Piatkowska, Vice-President of the Polish PAIIZ, Natalia Canelo of the Portugal - Angola Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and several Polish and Portuguese companies.


The meeting comprised three modules devoted to: Processes of restructuring, restructuring and financing measures. The opening was the responsibility of the partner João de Macedo Vitorino.

Susana Vieira was responsible for the panel dedicated to the reorganization of companies, Sonia Ribeiro analysed the labor restructuring, André Dias examined financial restructuring  and finally, António de Macedo Vitorino talked about the processes of rescue and restructuring of companies.

To have access to the presentations used during the event, pelase contact Manuela Machado (mmachado@macedovitorino.com).


The meeting was divided into two panels, followed by a debate. The first panel, devoted to the "Recent Changes in Labour: a new method of calculating compensation and extraordinary renewal of contracts" and the analysis of the labour agreement concluded in January 2012.

The second panel was subject to "State Budget for 2012 and the impact on labour relations and its processing."

To have access to the presentations used during the event, pelase contact Manuela Machado (mmachado@macedovitorino.com).