In addition to the various measures that have been adopted in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, new exceptional measures of a social nature have been published, with a view to broadening the protection granted by the laws in force.

The new law provides for:

(i)             The extension of extraordinary support measures to members of statutory bodies of legal persons with managerial functions, provided that (1) they have employees at their service, (2) they are exclusively covered by the social security system in that capacity, (3) they operate in a single entity and (4) the entity in question had, in the previous year, a turnover of less than  €80,000;

(ii)            The extension of extraordinary support measures to self-employed employees not covered either because they have no contribution obligation or because they do not meet the other requirements for access to support;

(iii)           The definition of a minimum limit of €219.40 for the supports referred to in (i) and (ii);

(iv)           The reduction to 50% of the guarantee periods for cessation of unemployment benefit, with a reduction from 180 to 90 days of work with pay records in the 12 months immediately preceding the date of unemployment and from the current 120 days to 60 days for involuntary unemployment due to the expiry of the fixed-term contract or the termination of the contract at the initiative of the employer during the probation period;

(v)            The elimination of excessive bureaucracy in the procedure of allocation of the social income of insertion, no longer being dependent on the signing of an insertion contract;

(vi)           The creation of an additional support, in the amount of €219.40, for employees with green receipts, namely for those who in the last 12 months have not made contributions, for Social Security, because they are excluded.

The purpose of extending this support is therefore to cover a greater number of employers and employees who were unprotected until now, which is why, on the one hand, access to unemployment benefit has been made easier and, on the other, managers of small businesses can have their pay financed by the government during the first months of the crisis.