Since we live in a constantly changing world in which only values and principles last over time, we believe in a legal profession in which rigour, initiative, integrity and dedication are the best measure of success. ?

As a law firm, we provide "pro bono" legal services and legal training to non-profit organisations and people they appoint. The firm and each of its employees also endeavour to play a civic role through social volunteering activities, involving ourselves in campaigns and directly supporting certain institutions in need of help.?

MACEDO VITORINO has been aware of its environmental responsibility, developing measures to promote the efficient use of energy, water and consumables, which it has further developed and improved.?

We believe that we have an obligation to the community, to nature and to the planet on which we live. We believe we have an obligation to future generations to leave them a better world. We believe that we can do more and better than we have been doing.?

In 2020, we proposed an Agenda for the Decade and listed 10 concrete principles for changing the world - you can find them on the next slide - in the field of sustainability and ethics, which have served as guidelines for our behaviour.?

This report aims to analyse our progress in this direction and describes what we did during 2023 in favour of sustainability, while also giving some notes on what we want to do in 2024.

Access to full report through the pdf above.