The “Startup Visa” is an hosting program focused on foreign investors who wish to develop an enterprise or an innovative project in Portugal. Such entrepreneurs may apply for a residence authorization/visa if: 

  • they have a real and effective interest in developing in Portugal an entrepreneurial project, including but not limited to the creation of innovation-based companies;
  • the activity carried out through such project aims at the production of international and innovative goods and services;
  • the project has potential to create qualified employment (at least 5 jobs in 24 months); and
  • one or more “certified incubators” have shown interest in incubating the project.

A list of “certified incubators” will be made available to entrepreneurs on the IAPMEI’s website, during the month of February. These incubators will be responsible for validating the projects, for supporting the development of new businesses, for the provision of equipped spaces and for administrative and marketing assistance under an incubation agreement.

For each application, 5 residence authorizations/visas may be requested. The application can be submitted electronically in Portuguese or in English, to be examined by the IAPMEI. 

The benefits granted to entrepreneurs under the “Startup Visa” shall be in force until the end of the incubation agreement.