MACEDO VITORINO released today the new edition of its report WHYPORTUGAL.

WHYPORTUGAL 2021 provides entrepreneurs considering investing in Portugal essential information on the creation and organisation of companies, partnership contracts, employment law, tax law, intellectual property, real estate and litigation.

After more than a year of pandemic with successive confinements, the second half of 2021 has been a time of recovery.

As part of the European response to the pandemic crisis, gave the Member States a total amount of €806.9 billion, Portugal adopted a Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP), to be implemented until 2026, which seeks, among other things, to promote climate transition and digital transition, strengthen the National Health System, and invest in infrastructure and business capitalisation and innovation. By 2026, the government plans to invest around EUR 50 billion.

Since 2013, MACEDO VITORINO publishes the WHYPORTUGALreport annually, having created in 2018 electronic platform where the report is available, along with essential legal and economic information, including: legislation, official forms, international and national reports.

The WHYPORTUGAL 2021 report reflects a country heavily scarred by the pandemic still and a chronic lack of improvement in key sectors as well, notably justice, public administration and taxation. The RRP promises significant investments in public administration and the public sector in general. Let us hope that they happen” said António de Macedo Vitorino, the partner responsible for the project.

The main goal of the report is to provide an objective view of reality and, because of that, we cannot fail to point out that we are far from the countries of reference. But even so Portugal has shown that it has the capacity to attract international investors. Security, social consensus around the values of openness and freedom of European society, which are so important today, as well as the qualifications of our workforce are today the essential factors in attracting investors in all sectors, namely tourism and real estate, industry and technology” added António Vitorino.

WHYPORTUGAL 2021reviews the main aspects to be considered by foreign investors looking at Portugal as a country worth investing in: such as how to set up a business, government incentives, employment, tax system, intellectual property protection and judicial system.

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