Following harsh economic years, Portugal has shown an unexpected surge in tourism and in the real estate market in 2016 which is now catching the attention of local and foreign investors.

Portugal’s moderate growth rate in 2016, the support of the European Central Bank’s monetary policy and the commitment of the government to bring the deficit to 2.3% have renewed investors’ interest in Portugal. Still there are challenges ahead. Portugal needs to reduce historically high levels of Government debt and unemployment.

After implementing a harsh economic program with little social unrest, Portugal has  facilitated the creation of new businesses, reduced the time for obtaining administrative permits, improved its labour legislation and reduced its corporate tax to 21%. For international investors looking for a place to invest in Europe, Portugal offers several advantages, of which many investors are not aware. Portugal is an ideal location for nearshoring industrial and services facilities because of its access to Europe’s 500 million consumers’ market and to the Portuguese-speaking world, which spreads across five continents: Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Portugal has a proven track record of successful foreign investments across a wide range of sectors. Investors that are considering Portugal as a place to invest want to know the hard facts about the country and not the stereotypes associated with the country and its people. Autoeuropa, Volkswagen’s Portuguese auto-plant, is one of its most productive plants. Nokia Siemens Networks chose Portugal to install its new Global Networks Solutions Center. Microsoft, Colt, Ikea have also successfully invested in Portugal in recent years.

Portugal has one of the most favourable business environments in the world. The World Bank's "Doing Business 2017" Report ranks Portugal in the top 25 of the world’s – 12th in the EU – most attractive locations to do business.

The «WhyPortugal 2017» report aims to answer the main questions of international businesses, institutional investors, private equities and industry players that are considering Portugal as a location to invest in Europe. This report provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Portugal and reviews the main aspects to be considered by foreign investors considering Portugal as a place to invest as regards the setting up of a business, hiring employees, taxation and government incentives.