MVStart is our project to advise startups and to support them from their early stages.

Our young and dynamic team understands and feels a close connection to the efforts of startup entrepreneurs. We are experienced with investment vehicles and with ambitious projects, so we know how to rise up from a blank sheet of paper and make it into a successful project.

In addition, our experience in advising international clients (no less than a percentage of 60% of our clients come from abroad) give us the tools to understand the business concerns of the entrepreneurs and to offer them the best solutions.

With MVStart we crafted a team to provide legal advice in the areas that are of interest to startup companies, such as:

  • Corporate law, to set up businesses, determine the rights of the management and of each shareholder;
  • Tax, to keep the accounts sound;
  • Employment, to hire the best workforce;
  • Banking and capital markets, to obtain financing, establish financing deals with banks or with investors; and
  • Copyright and intellectual property, to protect software, trademarks, patents and your valuable ideas.

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